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Heal Your Life

Acupuncture & Spiritual Alignment Coaching

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Janine Mansell LAc, DiplAc, LMT, CHC, RM



For over 20 years I’ve worked as a healer, teacher and speaker.

My passion is to help you come into alignment, develop a spiritual toolkit and cultivate a deep connection with self so you heal, grow, and flourish.. 

Learn more about me and how I can help you on your journey.

Set Your Soul Free & Reclaim Your Truth

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You are a powerful creator, capable of manifesting your soul's deepest desires. However, outdated social conditioning and unhealthy programming could be holding you back. These energy patterns likely formed so long ago that you may not realize they’re at the root cause of your physical and emotional distress.

Spiritual Alignment Coaching helps you to see your emotions as indicators of where energy shifts need to be made. I'll give you the tools to overcome these blockages Together, we'll re-connect you to the most resonant part of yourself. You can live from a soul-centered place and attract the life you’re meant to live. 

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I help my patients take control of their own healing, to understand how powerful their minds and bodies really are, and how each organ and symptom is part of a larger system. Healing chronic and intractable ailments takes a certain level of sensitivity, which I’ve honed in order to treat stubborn conditions with gentle methods.

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