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4 Month Private Coaching Container for Passionate, Driven Women 

"Dream Path Accelerator" 

Discover Your True Passion,

Remove Obstacles and Turn Your Dream Into Reality 

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Ready to live a life that fills your body with power and your heart with joy?


Here's What's Inside This 4 Month Dream Path Accelerator ...

1. Focus fully on what matters most to you and trust your decisions based on what you truly desire...

  • Get crystal clear on which direction is worthy of your time and energy so you never again spin your wheels, forcing something into fruition.  

  • Uncover the exact steps to take towards the path of your passion and purpose without frustrating second-guessing or unnecessary fears.

  • Speed up the realization of your dreams by releasing distractions and claiming your unique path.  

2. Ignite your body's energy and vitality, to effortlessly sustain your vision to manifestation...

  • Intentionally balance and up-level your emotional frequency so you can stay on your path without feeling indecisive or un-impactful.

  • Unblock energetic channels to anchor healing, vitality, and magnetism as we calibrate the quantum interface between your mind, body, and emotions.

  • Reset your inner navigation from “trying to make things happen” out of lack and insecurity to activating your hidden inner powers and resources.

3. Navigate away from external expectations, release pressure and reclaim control over your own destiny...

  • Transmute your negative stories into powerful lessons that fuel your self-belief with ease and grace.

  • Reclaim your energetic independence by releasing unconscious generational beliefs that keep you trapped in the cycle of pressure, struggle, and proving.

  • Break free from limiting obligations and outdated promises so you never again settle for less than you know you deserve.

4. Discover the transformative potential of aligned delegation and divine assistance, shifting from surviving to thriving...

  • Permanently cure shiny-object-syndrome and channel your passion into the most beneficial goals.

  • Show the world what you’re capable of as you step into the most empowered version of you that effectively shortcuts to your dreams.

  • End doubting if you’re on the right path by receiving inspiration and deciphering the signs from the universe as you unleash your creative genius.

Here's What's Included...

1. Twelve private coaching calls so you can get powerful individualized support for each step of your journey. ​​

2.  Personalized channeled meditations for each module so you can infuse your field with the perfect focus and energy that you need. 

3.  Time tested empowering journal prompts to keep you focused and on track so you never again forget your power and divine purpose. 


​4. Targeted healing support for your body, mind and emotions to expand your consciousness and clear out what no longer serves you so you can become an energetic match to your dreams.



F.I.N.D Your Dream Path V.I.P Session

Valued at $1,000


  • 90 Min Over Zoom 

  • 3 personalized Astrological Reports for a deeper exploration of your inherent gifts, strengths, and karmic lessons 

  •  A Numerological Assessment tailored to illuminate your unique connection to the universe and channel your inner wisdom. 


Supercharged Meditation Support Pack
Valued at $200

  • A box of magical goodies including Crystals, Candles and Journals all energetically charged specifically for you on your personalized empowerment journey.  


30 Days of Journal Prompts

  • Ignite your inner reflection with daily prompts designed to deepen self-awareness, clarity, and personal growth.

  • Cultivate creative expression as you tap into your intuition and learn to recognize your authentic voice.


  • You are a passionate woman who feels something on a deeper soul-level calling you.

  • You know you were born to personally contribute to the rise in consciousness happening on the planet. 

  • You are ready to invest the time and financial resources in yourself to finally step into your power and live your dream.

  • You're a badass wise, intuitive woman with so much to offer but you've been distracted and not making your true impact. 

  • You look forward to the fog clearing  and finally putting yourself on the path that fulfills you.

  • You are coachable, self-responsible, and ready to do the work required for personal transformation to take place.



  • Is not interested in healing what has been running behind the scenes that is preventing you from stepping into your true power.

  • Doesn't prioritize self-care or personal development. If you don't see the value in taking time for yourself and deepening your self-understanding, you're unlikely to develop your true potential .

  • Isn't open to being coached on what is truly valuable and letting go of what is not in line with your dreams.  

  • Isn't in a position to invest financially. The thought of investing in yourself feels unimaginable.

As a driven and passionate woman, it's time to shed confusion, relinquish playing small,

and step boldly into your power and higher purpose.

Get laser-focused on what truly deserves your time and energy,

igniting your intuition, vitality, and unwavering dedication to stay on your path

while feeling guided, held, and inspired.

As a Quantum Empowerment Catalyst

and Conscious Channel 

 I bring over 20 years of coaching and high-level energy healing experience to guide you. I'm thrilled to help you become focused, empowered, and on track, just as I've done for countless women before you. My commitment is that you'll emerge from my program feeling so clear, aligned, and empowered, living your passionate dream with confidence and purpose.

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Once you click the button, you can choose a time that suits you and complete an application form. This will help me understand your needs and determine how to best support you. During our call, we'll devise a plan for your focused Dream Path forward. I'll also address any questions you have about the "Dream Path Accelerator" Program and discuss your next steps.​​​

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