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Janine Mansell

Hi I'm Janine 

I'm so happy you've found me! If you want to Manifest your Dreams without doubt, confusion, or distractions, then you are in the right place. And and I’d love to help you to...

  • Unlock your soul-aligned dream with unwavering clarity, leaving doubt and confusion behind—even if past attempts fell short—by discerning what is truly valuable and worthy of your time and energy. 

  • Powerfully land on your heart’s path and live the life that’s been calling to you without creating more overwhelm, pressure  and lack of time.  

  • Even if you think you're not up to the challenge, you can eliminate whatever is making it feel difficult  by activating a Quantum interface between your desires, mind and body.

Here's how I got from desiring my dream to manifesting it...

Growing up in a small town on Long Island, NY in the 1980s, I had experiences with healing energies and channeled higher states of consciousness.

But back then, I had no words for what I was experiencing. Surrounded by the strict religious beliefs my family followed, I felt like an outsider. I remember watching Joseph Campbell on PBS – covertly! – to keep that authentic spiritual flame inside of me alive. 

Then, at 17, my life took an unexpected turn – I found myself pregnant. 

As I chose to raise my child, I also realized that access to spiritual insight was always meant to be unrestricted by religion. Trusting my Soul's voice in just a few years I found my footing – I followed the call to learn more about modalities outside of the church. I dove into Reiki, channeling, Tarot,  crystals, manifestation, nutrition, shamanism, coaching, and more. 

But it wasn't easy...

My spiritual journey was met with skepticism and resistance. To be accepted and loved, I often suppressed my true self, trying to fit into the life that others expected of me.

By then, I was raising two children, while working and going to school. I struggled with family demands, the pressure to excel in my career as an Acupuncturist, and the fear of rejection, manifesting as the need for approval. I could feel that all of this was holding me back – like I was living two separate lives:

  • One that was expected, respected, the “good” mother wife and scholar.

  • Another hidden, deep, spiritual, and often unconventional.

I became highly successful as an Acupuncturist who eventually worked with cancer patients alongside my small spiritual coaching practice. And not to mention the countless certifications for everything under the sun with some of the best teachers on the planet. 


Meanwhile, the divide between my two separate lives grew larger, until I felt so exhausted, frustrated, and trapped that I knew I couldn't hide my light any longer.

This is when suddenly, it all made sense!

I realized that living a double life was draining my energy and stifling my Soul. I couldn't keep pretending to be something I wasn't. I realized that what would make me whole was not about keeping myself small for fear of peoples judgements and expectations. Neither was it about getting another degree or learning yet another healing modality!  It was about trusting myself, focusing on what mattered the most, activating my body’s energetics, and following divine guidance – that’s what created lasting change.

  • No more listening to limiting stories in my head.

  • No more trying to fulfill external expectations.

  • No more distractions, excuses, or beliefs that kept me from my greatness.


I was determined to live my dream, to fulfill my purpose, and nothing was going to stand in my way.

I finally understood that my true power lay in being unapologetically myself and sharing my spiritual gifts with the world, no matter how much fear this brought up! 


I was led to coaches who encouraged my unique gifts, helped me shed outdated self-limiting beliefs and navigate back into my magnificent light.  I began to receive countless undeniable signs, support, and resources showing me that I was on the right path – the universe was waiting to support me in ways I never thought possible!

I realized that my calling was not just about me, but about raising consciousness on this planet by living a life of empowered authenticity, inspired by divine purpose.

I began to implement this with my Acupuncture clients, and my practice transformed from “fixing the pressing health problem” to coaching passionate, driven women to manifest their dreams!

This is how my unique F.I.N.D Your Dream Path Method was born!

I know you’re multi-passionate and probably, like me, an educated over-achiever who refuses to give up on her dreams!


Using my methodology, we:

Focus you on what matters the most so you can trust your decisions, building momentum with a clear roadmap to get your passion manifested in the nick of time.

Ignite your internal energetics with my special Quantum Interface process while resetting your emotions to abundance and releasing old body-trauma.

Neutralize the barriers like limiting stories, pressure, other people’s expectations that have been holding you back so you can show up authentically.

Develop a relationship with the divine forces who are ready and waiting to support you on your joyful, distraction-free journey.

What makes my methodology unique is the balance of:

  • Highly effective coaching techniques that facilitate emotional mastery 

  • Deep knowledge of the body’s internal energetics and universal law 

  • And my intuitive ability to connect with transformational spiritual energy and consciously channel divine guidance. 

In this capacity I become a quantum interface between you and the divine, while helping you establish your own balance between your passions, beliefs, emotions and  body. I am not a typical coach as I use this quantum interface process to go well beyond mindset, goal-setting, or body-healing –  I incorporate what I call “energetic acupuncture” to expand your consciousness, redirect your energies and activate your system in a way that allows you to gain control of your destiny and manifest your dreams.

You’re in the right place if you're ready to...

  • Change your perception to stop feeding doubts and take power back from limiting stories.

  • Release the pressure of societal, genetic, and karmic expectations and focus on the aligned direction to follow through to speedy completion without distractions.

  • Activate the quantum interface between your mind, emotions, and the body to manifest your dreams.

  • Ignite the vitality of the energetic pathways inside your body to effortlessly sustain your vision.

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