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Holistic Healing and Spiritual Alignment 

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual alignment? Look no further! I'm Janine Mansell, your Acupuncturist and Spiritual Alignment Coach, and I'm here to be your guide to a life of balance, vitality, and inner harmony.


Janine Mansell LAc, DiplAc, LMT, CHC, RM



Get to Know Me 

With a unique blend of acupuncture expertise and deep spiritual insight, I offer a holistic approach that nurtures your physical and spiritual well-being. I believe that true wellness encompasses more than just the body; it embraces the soul, mind, and spirit.






What Sets Me Apart? 

 Dual Expertise: I combine my extensive experience as an acupuncturist with a profound understanding of spiritual alignment to provide you with a one-of-a-kind healing experience.


Personalized Guidance: Every individual is on a unique journey. I tailor my approach to meet your specific needs, whether it's physical health, emotional balance, or spiritual growth.


A Safe and Nurturing Space: I create a safe, comforting environment for my clients, fostering a deep sense of trust and openness.


 Balancing Body and Soul: The fusion of acupuncture and spiritual coaching leads to holistic wellness, harmonizing your physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.

Touching the Surface

Your path to wholeness and alignment begins here.

Whether you seek relief from physical discomfort, emotional healing, or spiritual awakening, I have the tools and knowledge to guide you on your unique journey.

Unlock your full potential, achieve balance, and embrace spiritual alignment.

Reach out today to start your journey towards a more balanced, vibrant, and aligned life.

Mind-Body-Spirit Integration

Explore the synergy of your physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions for profound transformation, whether we meet in my serene space or virtually.


Dive deep within to discover your true self, release energy blockages, and achieve spiritual balance, no matter where you are. 

Adult male physiotherapist is doing acupuncture on the back of a female patient. Patient i

Experience the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine to address physical ailments, manage pain, and enhance overall well-being. 

Wellbeing Coach, Middle Aged Woman Practicing Mindful Acceptance Meditation. Positive Mind

A unique and powerful session that combines the ancient wisdom of acupuncture with the profound insights of spiritual alignment.

Rock Maze

Choose your path, whether in-person or through Zoom, and let's journey together toward healing, alignment, and transformation. I'm Janine Mansell, and I'm here to illuminate your path to a better, more balanced you.

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