Let Your Intuition Lead the Way to Your Deepest Desires with Spiritual Coaching Sessions for Deliberate Creators

Tap Into Your Emotional Guidance System and Manifest an Abundant Life

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Release resistance to what is and live from a place of true spiritual authenticity.


You know there is more out there for you — you’re just not sure how to manifest it

You believe in spiritual concepts like Law of Attraction but are having trouble creating the live you desire.

You are stuck in emotional patterns that you don’t know how to move beyond.

You are  naturally intuitive and empathic but  pick up other people’s energy like a sponge. 


By reconnecting to your true self, you find the balance you need to create the life you were meant to live.

Your higher self and guides are calling to you and ready to lead you every step of the way. I just help you hear them more  clearly.

You are in full control of your destiny, but you have to be in the right vibrational frequency to receive it.

In my spiritual coaching sessions, we look at how your emotional, physical, and spiritual world intertwine. An issue in one area affects all the rest and lowers your vibration. This blocks your natural flow of abundance from coming to you.

I help you reconnect to what your soul already knows and give you the tools you need to thrive.

When you learn to co-create with spirit, you become the architect of your own life!

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Intuitive Spiritual Coaching Sessions Are for You If You Want To:

Hear the whispers from your soul by improving the connection to your internal feedback system.

Master your emotions to maintain a higher vibrational state and create lasting change in your life.

Get the tools you need to continue your spiritual journey from a clearer, more empowered place.

Improve your natural intuitive abilities and weave the sacred into the mundane.

Know how to re-balance your energy when it feels off, so you’re always in the flow of the universe.

Learn how to access your own spirit guides, ascended masters, and loved ones anytime you want for support on your soul path.

Integrate more daily spiritual rituals into your lifestyle. Learn how to meditate to get messages from your higher self.

Learn how to release resistance when it arises before it blocks all the good that is coming your way.

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Real-Life Examples of Transformational Change

Many of my intuitive coaching clients experienced the following powerful changes in their lives and you can too!

  • Leaving unfulfilling jobs to pursue their dream careers.

  • Releasing patterns of toxic relationships to attract health partners with true resonance.

  • Healing inner-child wounds and re-parenting themselves with kindness and compassion.

  • Recovering from the grief of lost loved ones to find joy and happiness again.

  • Learning to Channel Spiritual Messages for themselves and others.​

  • Becoming better healers and intuitive guides.

  • Re-claiming optimal health and desired body weight.


I help you return to a place of true authenticity and power to attract all your heart desires.

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Transformational Coaching Sessions are a Personalized Combination of

  • Guided Meditations 

  • Oracle Card Readings

  • Emotional Mastery Exercises

  • Meso-American Healing, including, “Platica” (heart-to-heart healing conversations) and “Limpia,”  (a powerful energy and space clearing technique)

  • Inner Child Wound Repair

  • Breathwork and Toning

  • Channeled Messages from Spirit and Loved Ones 

  • Energy Balancing and Energy Hygiene Techniques 

  • Intuitive Development 

  • Reiki and Distance Meridian Therapy 

  • Sound Healing and Creation of Custom Spotify Playlists

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After working with me you’ll have a spiritual toolkit to draw from forever. I give you the resources you need to continue your spiritual growth even after we stop working together.