transformational coaching

"Janine has the ability to connect to the soft compassionate wisdom of our Universe. She brings forth messages that truly touch upon the hidden parts of each individual, by allowing the spirit forces to heal and assist you to transmute with grace and ease. Janine has personally helped me clearly see and feel what needed to be highlighted in my being, so that I can make the choice to heal, integrate and move forward consciously and with compassion for myself and others. Thank Janine for your ability to help me and all." 

-Christina C.

Who is Transformational Coaching For?

Are you someone who..


Has a condition like extra weight, an illness or group of symptoms that you want to heal spiritually and holistically?

Loves to dive into the deeper levels of consciousness?

Feels stuck or frustrated because you know in your heart you are just scratching the surface of your true power and potential?

Is sensitive and empathetic and wants to learn how to stay balanced and clear in your own energy?

Wants to improve your relationship to food, your body and authentic self care?


Has a desire to make others happy and maintain loving relationships but often places other’s physical and emotional needs before your own?



Is naturally intuitive and wise and would like to improve your connection to that higher wisdom?

"Janine has a way of empowering. She has an amazing ability to sort through your world and pluck the strings that need fine tuning. It all comes from where you're at. The work is tailored and defined, unique and individual to you.  Her space & guidance will forever play a part in my emotional and spiritual health."  

-Jenna D.

What can I expect from Transformational Coaching? 


As a result of our sessions you will ...

Unearth the heart of the problems in you your health or body and while experiencing soul level healing

Learn simple yet powerful techniques to balance and improve your own personal energy

Start to take care of yourself on a deep level so you can fully offer your love and gifts to your family, friends and the world

 Develop or improve mindfulness and meditation practices, restoring your natural connection to your own sacred nature

Begin to trust your personal pace and instincts so you can live more comfortably, powerfully and regain your creative energy flow

No longer be derailed by family drama and challenging relationships and become clear
on what you value and is important in your own life

 Let go of patterns of co-dependency in relationship while and cultivating self-love, self-care, authenticity and heart centered communication.

Explore sacred spiritual teachings that serve you while also following your own unique
spiritual path

Shift from feeling overwhelmed by your work, family, friends or health issues into
feeling more peace, joy, comfort and fulfillment in your life and world

Transform anger, grief, anxiety and worry into aligning with your true power and
believing in your ability to overcome any obstacle in your life.


"Janine has helped me overcome overwhelming pain resulting from several massive shoulder injuries and surgeries through her practice of acupuncture.  More importantly, she has introduced me to the connection between the mind and body.  I am very grateful for the relief and guidance she has given me."

 -Tim L.

What is included in my transformational journey?


Each 60 Minute transformational session takes place over Zoom and is a customized combination of...

Soul Level Healing


Profound Insights and Wisdom Teachings

Energetic Clearing, Balancing and Activation

Meditation Instruction and Personalized Guided Meditations

Sound Healing and Guided Healing Journeys

 Powerful Tools, Strategies and Techniques for Transformation 


Integrative Health and Nutritional Coaching

 Recommended Reading to Support Your Personal Journey

"Janine is passionate, thorough, and has a natural sense of getting right to the source.  After five years I still see Janine because I know she gets right to the heart of the challenges and issues I am having.  She is one gifted professional."

-Linda K