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Jenna D.

It's hard to know what you need at different times in your life. Janine has a way of empowering. She has an amazing ability to sort through your world and pluck the strings that need fine tuning. It all comes from where your at, the body work is tailored and defined unique and individual to you. Her space & guidance will forever play a part in my emotional and spiritual health.

Yoga at Home

Tim L.

Janine has helped me overcome overwhelming pain resulting from several massive shoulder injuries and surgeries through her practice of acupuncture.  More importantly, she has introduced me to the connection between the mind and body.  I am very grateful for the relief and guidance she has given me. 

Linda K.

Janine is passionate, thorough, and has a natural sense of getting right to the source.  After five years I still see Janine because I know she gets right to the source and changes the issues I am having.  She is one gifted professional.

Crystal Ball
Image by Edz Norton

Christina C.

Janine is a brilliant channel who has the ability to connect to the soft compassionate wisdom of our Universe. She brings forth messages that truly touch upon the hidden parts of each individual, by allowing the spirit forces to heal and assist you to transmute with grace and ease. Janine has personally helped me clearly see and feel what needed to be highlighted in my being, so that I can make the choice to heal, integrate and move forward consciously and with compassion for myself and others. Thank Janine for your ability to help me and all.

Denise K,

I've never felt better. I really look forward to my treatments. I've lost over 25lbs since I started coming and I don't take any medications anymore.  Janine is personable and wonderful.

Spa Bed
Reiki Treatment

Helene L.

Janine is a very honest, caring, loving and authentic person.
Because of the high frequency she naturally carries, her channeled messages are also very high frequency. I can literally feel the divine love and expansive light that flow through her beautiful messages. Thank you, Janine, for your transmissions that are filled with so much powerful love from the divine feminine energies. 

Shannon R.

Getting acupuncture with Janine is a wonderful experience. She is attentive, knowledgeable, and caring. Her expertise in Eastern medicine is phenomenal. With her help, I've seen improvement in conditions I've been dealing with for years that no one has been able to help.

Image by Edz Norton
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