Collaboration and Connection

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

There are so many individuals on your planet now allowing themselves to embody higher frequency streams of consciousness, and this is indeed what the collective has been previously anticipating in the hope for change.

We invite you to spend more of your time and use more of your individual focus on this new era that you are awakening to. This will serve you on so many levels. It will allow you to come together in a collective energy where in the past so many individuals felt that they were small in their efforts to raise the consciousness and awareness of your world. And it is quite clear that you only need to acknowledge one another and your light. We use the term your light singularly because it is a collective light that belongs to the whole, and is being allowed through the individual.

There is so much power in the connection available to the individual and it is of utmost importance to understand that personal, individual connection first and foremost. But once that is understood, coming together collectively has an unfathomable creative potential. And we invite you to begin to integrate this energetic into your beingness. For the energetic template on your planet has been very much one of separation. So, we invite you to allow for the new awareness of Collective Collaboration to be more seamlessly integrated by acknowledging the importance of it, and acknowledging the value on an individual and collective level. And again we invite you to use your breath in this integration exercise. The day will come where it will be so normal and natural that the old energy of separation will be but a distant memory. And we have enjoyed this collaboration and connection. The Divine Feminine and Resonance Collectives Channeled by Janine Mansell

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