A Divine Message to Ease Frustration

Dearest One,

We want you to know that we understand your frustrations. We would like you to stay centered in the knowing that all is actually going better than you anticipate. If you can just relax and commit to receiving the love and support that is being offered to you in unimaginable ways, you will soon be living a life that is so satisfying, you will often wonder if you are dreaming or awake. The answer is both. You are intending to live the dream of an awakened being. Holding space for yourself to receive, knowing you are receiving in this now moment, affirming that you are love and that you are loved will align you with the divine energies you seek to feel in your beingness . Trusting that you are on the path of love is key, trusting that there is no one more worthy than you. It is safe to allow things to unfold at a gentle pace. All is very, very well indeed.

The Mothers of a New Earth