Dearest One,

We want you to know that we understand your frustrations. We would like you to stay centered in the knowing that all is actually going better than you anticipate. If you can just relax and commit to receiving the love and support that is being offered to you in unimaginable ways, you will soon be living a life that is so satisfying, you will often wonder if you are dreaming or awake. The answer is both. You are intending to live the dream of an awakened being. Holding space for yourself to receive, knowing you are receiving in this now moment, affirming that you are love and that you are loved will align you with the divine energies you seek to feel in your beingness . Trusting that you are on the path of love is key, trusting that there is no one more worthy than you. It is safe to allow things to unfold at a gentle pace. All is very, very well indeed.

The Mothers of a New Earth

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

If there was ever a time when the feminine was rising on your planet that time is now.

You are all being called to embody your yin nature, of compassion, grace, quiet contemplation and receptivity to the energies that have been summoned through your individual and collective asking.

Allow the old to fall away as you have the opportunity to be aware of the subtle energies in your beingness. You are all having your own individual moments of choice. There is no right or wrong, only the ever increasing ability to say yes to the frequency of your soul as you allow old patterns to fall away. The personal and collective asking is happening at unprecedented rates and it is your yin or feminine nature of receptivity that will allow the cycle of asking and receiving to continue. Once you understand that everything happening on your planet is not happening to you but for you, it will be easier for you to receive. One step at a time, one breath at a time, one moment at time. Allow yourselves to return to your breath, gently in and out, continue to soften, continue to allow, continue to receive. Yes, the time of greater inspired action will come as your world returns to a more yang state collectively. But it will be forever changed for it will be integrated with the feminine like never before and you are the ones who will consciously, gently, compassionately, collectively allow the gates to remain open for this energy to flow. The Divine Feminine Collective

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

As you worry you are generating substances in the physical body that produce appearances of correlations to things to worry about. We ask for you to dig deep into the core of your being and find the awareness that; You are truly one with the highest awareness of unconditional love and appreciation for all that is. As you breathe into this awareness (and we invite you to pause in this now and align with that awareness) breathe deeply into the knowing of that which you truly are. Feel the levity of it running through every aspect of your physical apparatus as well as your energetic composition. Once you have fully allowed this awareness in your now, and you use your breath to fully know and embody this incredible awareness, you can now turn your attention to your external physical reality. This awareness, through breath and intention, can be what you see and know for all of the physical beings on your planet. You do your planet a great service, as well as all existence, to gently align with this awareness. For without exception, the core of all physical life is this Pure Unconditional Awareness of the Love That You Are. Allow yourself to practice this awareness as often as appropriate. Meaning, as you feel any discordant energy in your internal composition, it is appropriate to return to the awareness of that which you truly are, and that which you truly exist within. Remember to use your breath as it is a powerful tool to align with the energetic of your core. Breathe gently, breathe deeply and allow the energy to flow in conjunction with your breath. Feel into the resonance of this alignment within all those that inhabit your physical reality as you align with that version of them as well. We are with you in this process for there is no use of your time which is more valuable than aligning with the truth of your beingness.

Namaste The Divine Mothers

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